Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina Show 

..."Their precise, fervent attack, perfectly matched, is full of beautiful moves; sharp and exact, an elongated pause, where the next attack of heart-leading-body-to-move takes place..."their tango takes us through their urban life and the contrasting desert range of the Andes mountains, where they are from".


Valerie Jean Miller for  Broadwayworld.com


..." Their practiced, intricate footwork is mesmerizing as they burn up the Stage with fiery grace... A superb showcase of the most difficult couples discipline in dancing."


Chairman Barnes. American actor & writer


..." Through tango, Tomas and Gimena told a soulful story about their relationship, their art, their travels. The show never lagged; it was innovative, engaging, playful, elegant, moving, even (at one point) rather daringly risqué—-and (one of the best descriptors of all real art) always true".

Audience ReviewS


Tomas and Gimena are the creators, choreographers and stars of "Tierra y Fuego que Camina" (Earth & Fire Walking) directed by Ron Celona. This exciting and enlightening story of modern love is inspired by the Argentine poet and artist, Atahualpa Yupanqui, a wanderer of the world and of life. In the framework of this story, Argentine tango and physical theater are the language that the protagonists passionately develop. Earth and Fire is not only the landscape of the world but also the landscape of the human heart where the essence of tango springs from. The show reveals the experiences of two people celebrating life in each movement, in each melody, two wanderers in search of dreams, pilgrims on a road that never ends. Their tango encompasses both the life of the big city and the dream of nature, as pure and elemental as Earth and Fire.


"Atahualpa le pregunta a un aborigen,

Que es el hombre?


Y el aborigen le constesto:


El hombre es tierra que camina".